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How to Know Termites Have Invaded Your San Antonio, TX Home

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For homeowners, termites are a nightmare. These pests can cause expensive and serious issues overnight and eliminating them can seem impossible. To avoid a termite infestation, homeowners must be aware of the signs that termites have invaded their property. Through proactive pest control in San Antonio, TX homeowners can keep their homes protected against those unwanted visitors.  To stay ahead of the game, watch out for any of the following signs:

Termite Swarms

In Spring, subterranean termites tend to swarm, leaving you finding thousands of winged insects in a certain area inside or outside your house. These termite swarmers are the colony’s reproducers and do not cause damage to your house. However, the presence of these swarmers means a mature colony exists that may be eating aware close by such as your home’s flooring or walls. While you can eliminate the swarmers on your own, you must call a pest control company to carry out an inspection and find the colony. 

Mud Tubes

The presence of long, thin tubes or strips of mud on the foundation of your house can mean you are dealing with termites. These pests regulate their body temperature to avoid drying out and dying. By building mud tubes, termites can maintain a damp, humid environment where they can thrive as they devour the sources of cellulose from your house.

Soft Wood

As termites devour your home’s wood, the material will feel soft and spongy. By discovering softwood in your house, you can direct the pest control professional to start the inspection. 

Paint Flaking

Termites eat anything that has cellulose, which they can get from sheetrock and wood in your house’s walls. But the paint on the wall doesn’t have cellulose, so the pests only eat the sheetrock. As a result, the paint will flake or peel off. You may have termites in your home if you can find paint on your floor and mud on the painted walls. 

If you discover any of the signs above, stay calm. While it can be alarming to discover a termite infestation, this problem is treatable. Termite technicians use state-of-the-art technology for finding and getting rid of these pests from your house. They combine technology with proven and tested products to give you optimal protection against termites. Also, they may provide a pest management guarantee, which means they will treat and repair termite damage if you discover live termites in your house after treatment. 


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