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Why Are There Some Things You Shouldn’t Store In Your Closet?

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What once seemed like an orderly space often becomes a mess when attempting to organise a bedroom or store new purchases.

An organised closet can be extremely small or very large, depending on how you organise it. A well-organized closet will save you time and space, and you can find what you need much faster.

Taking out unnecessary items from your closet can free up space. The best way to keep your closet clutter-free is to design a new storage system by starting from scratch and installing closet organisers.

Why should you not store certain things in your closet?

Closets aren’t the most appropriate place to store certain items. For example, a closet near a bedroom could become a fire hazard if it contains flammable materials. Keeping aerosol cans, propane tanks, or gasoline in a closet is hazardous. Furthermore, storing cleaning products or chemicals in a closet can lead to the buildup of dangerous fumes over time.

It is also possible for closets to become breeding grounds for moisture and mould, especially in humid environments. Excess moisture in a closet can be caused by wet towels, damp clothes, or even books. This can result in mould growth that can damage clothes and cause health issues. In addition, valuable items can also be damaged, including jewellery, documents, expensive technology, old china and glassware. The size of the items can also make it easy for them to be lost in a closet, especially if they are tiny.

Closets shouldn’t have certain items stored in them because they can cause a pest infestation. It is common for people to keep food or cardboard boxes in their closets, which can attract ants, rodents, and cockroaches, which can cause damage to clothes and pose health risks.

Your bed linen and towels

Bed linens and towels should be removed from your closet if you want to keep it purely for clothes and shoes. 

When stacked together, these can be heavy to move and take up a lot of space. You can use other smart storage solutions to resolve this issue. Alternatively, you can store your bed linen and towels in the closet where your furnace is located.

Old clothes

Whenever you hold onto clothes that don’t fit or have not been worn in over a year, get rid of them. The reason why these items haven’t been worn is the key. The sweatshirt can be a keepsake, like a college sweatshirt, or it can be an aspirational size for the future.

Give away the clothes in the donation pile. Separate your clothes into two piles – keep clothes and donate clothes. Doing so gives you some much-needed space for other items in your home.

Empty hangers and shoe boxes

Organising your closet in this way will increase its space. The clothing rail will still have empty hangers after you remove the clothes you no longer wear.

Despite not taking as much space as clothes, these still stack up and occupy horizontal space. You can see your collection much better by removing the empty hangers between your clothes. Alternatively, you can buy some slimline hangers.  You can also reuse empty shoe boxes. If you have expensive shoes or trainers, use shoe bags.

Those bulky coats

We often underestimate how much space bulky coats take up in our closets. Your entryway is an excellent place to store these items. If you have a designated entryway storage area, the right jacket will be easier to identify and retrieve when the weather turns sour. It is important to limit how many coats and jackets you keep if you have limited space in your entryway or don’t have hidden storage. For example, keeping out-of-season jackets in vacuum packs in the attic, basement, garage, or under the bed will keep them out of sight.

Large sports equipment

Those who enjoy playing sports are more likely to own sporting equipment that is large or awkwardly shaped. However, these items take up too much space when stored with your sporting apparel.

It is best to keep your equipment in a specific place, such as a trunk or duffel bag, to ensure that everything is readily available.

Holiday decorations

Christmas and Halloween decorations are two seasonal items you shouldn’t keep in your closet, according to housing expert Dave Sayce. There is no need to store them in a place you use every day when you only use them a couple of times a year.’

In addition to the attic or garage, you can store holiday decorations elsewhere. You can damage or collect dust if they are stored in your closet, which can be frustrating around the holidays.


Last but not least, luggage is a space invader. Fortunately, they are like nesting dolls, where smaller bags can be nestled into larger ones. 

Compile and store them elsewhere in the house, such as in the basement or under the bed. As a result, you will have more closet space and easy access to them when you go on vacation.


Your closet isn’t where you should store your jewellery since it can easily get damaged or lost. Ideally, such valuables must be stored in a compartment lined with soft material to prevent scratches.

Also, keeping essential documents in a closet can lead to their loss or damage, such as birth certificates, passports, or legal documents. The best place to store these documents is in a fireproof safe or lockbox that’s in a secure location.

Valuables are another item you should protect from damage. The best option is to store important documents in an organised file and jewellery in a safe instead of letting them disappear into the depths of your closet.

Old bags

There is a good chance that some of the clutter in your closet is composed of old bags.

Over the years, many of us have accumulated free totes, gift bags, and better-quality boutique shopping bags.

Is it essential to have so many bags? Maybe. However, can you realistically see yourself using them shortly? When was the last time you used them?

Those items should be disposed of or recycled. Especially if the answer to those questions is “ages ago” or “probably never”.

Gift bags are probably most useful during the holiday season or for birthdays. Organise your gift-wrapping supplies by pulling them out of the closet and storing them wherever your gift-wrapping accessories are kept.


The organisation of one’s home is already a difficult task. You should probably hire someone to help you, like a professional domestic cleaning company, or ask for a friend’s help. Nevertheless, the most essential thing in organising your home is to make it easy and comfortable for you. If you decide that you prefer your bulky coats in the closet, then so it be. Maintaining a clean and well-organized home is not science. There are always new tips and tricks. 


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