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7 Interesting Facts about Wall Insulation

7 Interesting Facts about Wall Insulation

It is a widely known fact that insulation is very helpful in saving the amount of energy we use at home and hence reducing our energy bills significantly. In the UK, the biggest percentage of the energy used in a typical home goes to heating and cooling of houses. Therefore, anybody who is out to significantly cut down on energy costs should aim at reducing the amount of energy that goes into heating and cooling of their home, as the most obvious beginning point.

Insulation is known to cut down the average costs of home heating and cooling by approximately 20%. Wall insulation is perhaps the most important have insulation that you can have in a home, followed by the roof and floor insulation. But how much do you know about wall insulation? The following are some of the most interesting facts about wall insulation that you might need to know.

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  1. Wall Insulation Doesn’t Stop Working

All forms of insulation used for wall insulation, be it wool, fiberglass, spray foam or cellulose, are all effective technologies which, once made, don’t necessarily need any energy in order to preserve energy. Instead of cutting down on the energy that they make use of, like a big number of the so called “energy efficient” products, they actually stop energy from undergoing any wastage. 

Wall insulation doesn’t only preserve energy but also lasts for as long as the building is still standing. Unless physically damaged, proper insulation will not need any replacement.In the course of time, you might need some supplemental insulation and loose–fill insulation in order to fill the gaps, but the original insulation never expires or stop working. Hence it doesn’t have to be taken out or be replaced. 

  1. Insulation Is Renewable

Most of the fiberglass insulation and loose-fill insulation like slag wool and rock products are actually renewable. They can actually be easily removed and then be reused. 

  1. Insulation Is The Real Deal When Put In Comparison To Other Energy Saving Methods

Research has shown that insulation saves several times more energy every year that all other energy saving products such as fluorescent lights, energy saving appliances, and energy saving windows combined. That is quite something.

  1. When Fixed Properly Insulation Saves A Huge Percentage Of Energy

Research has shown that insulation products in the United Kingdom homes saves the owners over 40% of the energy that would actually be used were it to be that no insulation was in place. 

  1. Installation Is Quite Simple And Affordable

Apart from its installation being easy, the energy efficiency brought about by insulationin all commercial and residential houses is the simplest and most affordable method of cutting down on energy use as well as greenhouse gas emissions. 

  1. Insulation Helps To Reduce Carbon Dioxide

For instance, in the United States alone, the insulation that is currently installed in buildings cuts down the amount of carbon dioxide by about 780 million tonnes annually. This is equivalent to the electricity use of more than 90 million homes annually.

  1. In Comparison To Its Usage, Insulation Production Uses Very Little Energy

 British Thermal Units (Btu) are the standard measure in which energy is normally calculated. For each Btu used in the production of insulation, 12 Btu’s are saved annually through the use of the insulation. 

There is no doubt that insulation is king when it comes to energy preservation in our homes. Huge amounts of money, in form of energy, are saved each year across the globe, thanks to insulation.


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