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The Benefits of Donating Unwanted Items When Moving Out

The Benefits of Donating Unwanted Items When Moving Out

Moving out is an overwhelming task. It’s a major chore to handle, plan, arrange, and execute. With all those personal items, expenses to make, and physical jobs to perform alone, this challenge can literally exhaust you.

Yet, as a meaningful life experience, you should approach the removal the right way – practically, smartly, conveniently, quickly, and as efficiently as possible (and why not even kindly).

Here’s a great idea to save you numerous issues and efforts: donate everything you don’t need in your new lifestyle. Not sure about it? Then, read all the advantages you will get if you immediately grab this idea.

Your move out will be much easier and faster

Let’s face it: the thing that delays and complicates the removal is your baggage. As a person, you can lock your current home, get on the bus and arrive at your new place in a few hours. But it becomes problematic when you have all those personal stuff to carry with you.

It gets even more complicated if you love surrounding yourself with things rather than emotions and if you usually prefer buying new shoes to going on a vacation.

If you recognise yourself in these, you have many things to pack. As simple as that – the more shoes, books, cookware, gadgets, etc., the more hours of packing. 

You save time and money during your move out

Since time is money, reducing your baggage by emptying the contents of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets before moving out means reducing your expenses for the removal. For sure, this is the whole truth.

Just think about those cardboard boxes you should buy. Can’t you just reduce them in half and leave the clothes you won’t wear anymore, because you haven’t even gotten them out of your wardrobe for a century, to someone who has nothing?

Now let us tell you something about the removal services. The essential moving services are not with fixed price. They get more expensive with the increase in your baggage volume.

The same goes for the man and van service. It’s not fixed, but hourly rated. When there are too many boxes to load the van, it means too many hours to pay.

You won’t clutter your new home

While you de-clutter your current home place because you are supposed to give a deep end of tenancy cleaning before the removal, consider how difficult it would be afterwards.

Unpacking all that stuff in your new home after an exhausting moving day can be an awful experience (not to mention all that clutter that will follow you from the old place, which isn’t a pleasant feeling at all).

Simply donate half of your things, save some free time for unpacking, and invest in sightseeing in your new home town. If you’re set on keeping all your stuff, consider getting furniture stores for your new home to make the new place look clutter-free.

No need for a storage unit

Now let’s consider that you have really, really a lot of things, or you possess a lot of furniture, and you want all of them with you.

This might be impossible, so you must rent a storage unit. This is an extra expense you haven’t even planned, have you?

Here’s more: about half of the people who rent a storage unit claim that within the time, they have extended the primary claimed period and eventually did not use the stored items for years ahead.

After all, your storage unit expense might be some more money wasted in vain.

A fresh new start

It’s high time for us to move to the emotional part of the donation as a great act before moving out. Downsizing is giving up on things you don’t want or need anymore. Psychologists claim that we all need to practice it once in a way.

It’s not even mandatory to change your home place to do so. It’s enough to change how you see your past by removing things that bring you concrete memories. Besides, usually, a removal is related to some kind of a new beginning.

Whether it’s a new job, a just married situation, or expecting a baby – these are all reasons for a fresh new start where the old ordinary physical items don’t have enough room to fit in.

It is environmentally-friendly

Many people simply throw away the things they don’t need anymore. By all means, it’s better than carrying everything to their new home place.

However, why put it in the garbage when furniture can be put to be in someone’s favour? It’s more eco-friendly to reuse things than to buy new ones. It helps the planet, which is the mutual home place we all should take care of.

Here’s where we should remind you that throwing significant buildings or furniture items anywhere you want is prohibited in the UK. It’s because they are polluting the environment and should be transported to specially tailored places for recycling.

In other words, you will have to spend more time, energy, and money on this specific transportation.

You will help many people

Not just the planet, but many people need help. That’s what donation is about–showing that you know about them and care.

So many people, including kids and single moms, cannot afford to buy a new bed, a kitchen table, and new shoes for years ahead. Just think about how much joy you might be able to give rise to someone from some items you don’t even want anymore.

Donation is not only about making others happy and taking care. In many cases, donators need to give to others to heal their souls and minds.


Goodwill is something that, once practised, becomes a blessing for people.

We are confident that if, before your removal, you decide to help people by donating, you will keep doing it not because you don’t have room for your items but because you will have a lot of room for others in your heart.

Simplify and beautify your lifestyle by donating before moving out. You will thank us for this idea later.


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