7 Types of Rugs to Know Before Buying One

7 Types of Rugs to Know Before Buying One

A rug is an essential part of any space because it anchors furniture, offers warmth and comfort, guards floors, and adds decoration. Because there are so many options for style, type, and material, making the correct choice can be overwhelming. To help you learn more about each option and facilitate your decision-making, we’ve put together this guide.

  • Area rug

Any rug that is smaller than the room’s dimensions is an area rug. It can be moved because it is not affixed to the floor forever, unlike wall-to-wall carpet. Area rugs are usually rectangular, square, or round in shape and come in standard sizes. They are a fantastic way to add a textural layer to a space that carries a color scheme, adds softness underfoot, and generates warmth and coziness. It’s a good method to safeguard your hardwood floors and prevent scratches if you have them. For added comfort and to keep the area rug in position, place a rug pad underneath it.

Common Styles of Area Rugs

Area carpets come in a plethora of styles, from fluffy shag to distressed vintage to Dhurrie and Kilim.

2) Outdoor Rug

Use an outdoor rug to transform your patio or balcony into a cozy and welcoming seating area. The same purpose as an indoor area rug is served, but this rug can endure the weather. Outdoor rugs are typically made of synthetic fibers because they are extremely UV resistant and sturdy. The outdoor rug will be more secure with a rug pad underneath. To clean it, just hoover it and deal with stains as you would on an interior rug. To keep the rug secure for the upcoming season, store it inside once winter arrives. Due to its durability, an outdoor rug can also be used indoors, especially in high-traffic locations.

Common Styles of Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor area rug will add color and design to your patio or deck. It’ll make for a warm outdoor scene and tie together a seating setup. You can add a grey rug for a more neutral look.

3) Runner Rug

A runner rug is a long, narrow rug that looks best in a room with limited space, like a kitchen or a hallway. Typically, it has a rectangular or oval form. This kind of rug is useful for both adding a splash of color or pattern to a small room and protecting floors in high-traffic areas. Standard sizes and lengths of up to 12 feet are available, along with a variety of designs and fabrics. Tassels or fringe can be added for extra detail.

Common Styles of Runner Rugs

When it comes to runner carpets, cotton, jute, and sisal are some of the most frequently utilized materials. All three are strong materials, but cotton is a particularly good option for a kitchen runner because it can be simply washed to remove stains and dirt.

4) Layering Rug

A layering blanket, like a sheepskin rug, is ideal for creating the coziness of hygge. A variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, including various colors for synthetic ones, are offered on the market alongside genuine ones. If you’re opting for a neutral color scheme, the organic shape and thick texture make it a wonderful layering piece that looks lovely over a jute or sisal area rug. If you put it by your bedside, it will serve as a timeless decorative accent and the coziest platform to step onto in the morning.

Common Styles of Layering Rugs

When it comes to layering rugs, sheepskin, and cowhide are two of the most common options. A straight-lined rectangular rug looks fantastic next to its organic, asymmetrical shape, and softness provides a contrasting feel and texture that adds comfort and visual interest.

5) DoorMat

In addition to serving as a place to wipe your feet before entering, door mats are a cute way to dress up your front entrance. Although they come in conventional sizes and a variety of materials, coir is one of the oldest and most widely used ones. An inexpensive addition that adds warmth, and curb appeal and aids in keeping your home clean all in one, you can switch out your door mat according to the season or use one with a cute saying to welcome visitors.

Common Styles of Door Mats

Typically made of coir, rubber, and cotton, door mats can also include a family monogram, a warm welcome, as well as seasonal hues, images, or humorous sayings. Layer a coir cushion over a larger cotton mat for an additional decorative touch to create a stunningly warm doorway.

6) Wall to Wall Carpet

Wall-to-wall carpet used to be the norm for every room in a house, but that has drastically changed over the past few decades as people have started to expose wooden floors and use aesthetically pleasing tile. For some areas in your house, especially bedrooms and finished basements, wall-to-wall carpeting is still a great option.

Common Styles of Wall to Wall Carpet

Natural fibers like wool and synthetic fibers like nylon are both available in wall-to-wall carpets and both provide softness and ease. Traditional and widely used, Berber carpet is thick and long-lasting, making it ideal for high-traffic places.

7) Stair Runner

A stair runner is a classic design element that protects your stairway and improves the comfort of walking up and down it. Your steps can be completely changed, beautified, and even made safer for your family and pets. Stair runners come in a variety of materials, from sisal and synthetic polyester to vintage-style Moroccan runners that add vibrant color and pattern, depending on the color, style, and degree of comfort you’re looking for. Put decorative metal rods where the tread and riser of each stair meet as a further upgrade. Although it’s not necessary, this element gives a classic appearance and a chic finishing touch.

Common Styles of Stair Runners

A classic option is a natural sisal stair runner with a beige, black, or navy band, particularly when combined with brass decorative poles. You can’t go wrong with this style, whether it’s put on light or dark-stained wood stairs or painted black-and-white steps.


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